Guarantee and Cancellation Policy

bluffcouplejpgThere are occasions when it becomes necessary for a couple to cancel their wedding. We guarantee that if you decide to cancel up to 30 days before your wedding, for any reason at all, our policy is to refund your wedding costs (less your deposit and any site fees that our vendors will not refund).

But if you must cancel your wedding closer than 30 days to the date, we have a different policy in force to protect ourselves and our vendors. This page clarifies our cancellation policy so that you can be more decisive in your wedding plans with us. If there is anything that you do not understand, please call and let us discuss it with you over the phone.

The greater the amount of time a couple gives us before their cancellation, the more money they will likely receive back. However, the opposite is also true. The less time that we are given before the wedding, will mean a smaller amount of a refund is available.

gartercouple2Our $208.35 deposit is non refundable no matter when a cancellation occurs. We will have incurred out of pocket expenses for telephone calls coming in (on our 800 number) and those going out as well. We will have spent time booking all of the details of your wedding into our records, and once a wedding is cancelled, we must undo all of the coordination work that we have previously done for the wedding. So the deposit is a non refundable booking fee to cover some of our expenses.

For cancellations closer than twenty-nine (29) days before the wedding or less, couples will receive back one half of the total billing minus any non-refundable site or vendor fees. For cancellations less than seven (7) days before your wedding date, no refunds will be granted.

These polices are in effect to give our couples the freedom to cancel if it becomes necessary, but also to encourage them to do so with as much time in advance of the wedding date as possible. Our vendors often have turned down other weddings in order to be able to perform at the scheduled wedding. So the closer a cancellation is to the wedding date, the less likely it is that the vendors will be able to book another wedding. If you must cancel, cancel early.

If you decide to postpone your wedding date, instead of canceling it completely, talk to me and I'll work with you. Keep in mind that postponed weddings that are eventually cancelled will receive no refunds at all.

Late or Unpaid Balances

Maui Me, Inc. requires the balance due on each wedding to be paid 30 days prior to the wedding date. If the balance is not paid, the wedding is subject to cancellation. Wedding balances that are not paid 14 days before the wedding (if not cancelled by us), will be subject to a $200 late payment fee.

Last Minute Changes

We have found that last minute changes to weddings that have been planned for sometime are the most likely time for mistakes to be made. They often cause us to have to perform the same coordination task twice (which doubles out work load). For this reason, we charge a last minute fee of $25 per change, for all changes asked for with less than 30 days before the wedding.

Again, the more you can plan ahead, the less coordination work it makes for us, and the less we have to charge you for extra services.