State of Hawaii Wedding FAQs


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Where do I go on Maui for my Hawaii wedding license?

There are several license agents on Maui. Here is a list for you by location. When you book your wedding with Maui Me Weddings we will schedule the license appoint for you and send your the necessary information.

In Kihei (the South Side)
--Cynthia Wolfe. 2561 Omiko Place, Kihei. (808) 875-8459

In Lahaina (the West Side)
--Sherilynn Takushi, 181 Lahainaluna Rd., Suite H, Lahaina (808)

In Wailuku/Kahului (Near the airport)
--Sherilynn Takushi, 333 Hanamau St., #23 (2nd floor), Kahului, (808)

Is a Hawaii marriage legal elsewhere?

Yes, it is recognized throughout all the other US states and territories and all foreign countries. But if you are not a US citizen, you should contact your country's consulate. You may also contact the State of Hawaii licensing department. That number is 808-586-4544. Please do this prior to your wedding date to make certain whether or not there is any special documentation required by your home country.

How do I obtain a marriage license?

You will need an appointment with a marriage license agent (the license is not available from the minister or officiant). The fee for the license is $65 in cash. If you pay online with a credit card, the fee is $65.00 (but you will have to pay $5.00 additional in cash to the agent who processes your license. Or you can just pay $70 in cash to the agent at the time of signing up for it with an agent. The appointment takes about 20 minutes and the license is good for 30 days from and including the date of its issuance after which it becomes null and void. The license is valid anywhere in the State of Hawaii. We will give you the contact information for the closest agent near where you will be staying so you can set up your wedding license appointment.


Must I be a Hawaiian resident?

No. There are no residence or citizenship requirements to be married in Hawaii.

Are blood tests required?

No blood tests are required.

How old must I be?

The legal age to marry is 18 years for both males and females. However, with the written consent of both parents, legal guardian or family court, a male or female may be married at 16 or 17. The parents or guardian do not have to reside in the State of Hawaii. Consent forms may be obtained from the marriage license agent.

Will I need proof of age?

Yes. For anyone 19 and over, proof of age may be requested in the form of a photo ID or driver's license. A certified copy of a birth certificate must be presented for anyone 18 and under.

What if I've been divorced?

If you have been divorced within the past six months, you will need to bring the divorce decree with you to your licensing appointment. If longer, you do not need it.

Do I need a license for a vow renewal ceremony?

No. Because you are already married, a vow renewal ceremony is just between you and your spouse. You will be renewing your commitment to each other and the state is not involved in this.

What do I do with the license?

 It will be your responsibility to bring the license to your wedding. After the ceremony, the minister will have both of you sign it. He will then take responsibility for filling out the rest of the license and filing it with the State of Hawaii. The State will mail the fully executed marriage license to you usually after several months time.

What if I need a copy of the wedding certificate earlier?

To have proof that you are married back home, you might want to pay the State of Hawaii's fee ($10) to get them to expedite their processing of your marriage certificate. As the state is slow in making that documentation available, many couples do this. Information is provided with the marriage license to show you how to do this. Look for the green paper.

What names must we take after the wedding?

That's entirely up to you. The wedding license is a legal document in which one or both people can change their names. Whatever you want your name to be after your marriage--you can do it on this legal document.

For example, if John Doe is marrying Mary Smith, she might want to be known as Mary Doe-Smith or Mary Smith-Doe. Or he might want to become John Smith or John Smith-Doe. You will want to talk this over before the ceremony so that you will know exactly what you will want your new married names to be after the ceremony.

How do I register my marriage?

You will present your license to the minister performing your service. It is his responsibility to be certain that it is properly filled out after the ceremony and mailed in the the State of Hawaii.

How long will it take before I get my license in the mail?

It will take three to four weeks to get your legal copy.  In the meantime, copies can be made (which are not legal), 48 hours after the minister uploads your ceremony details.