Maui Wedding Locations

MauiMe Has the Best Locations for Your Maui Beach Ceremony at Sunset

Maui Me Weddings Offers the Most Desired Maui Wedding Locations

Have you started to think about what type of wedding site you want? Are you considering a beach wedding? Maybe an exotic tropical garden ceremony? Perhaps, you're picturing a Maui waterfall that overlooks a dramatic cliff above the ocean? Or maybe a picturesque wedding chapel. Whatever vision you have in your mind, Maui Me can help you achieve it! There is nothing wrong with being undecided about what you want. Many brides call and admit, "I don't really know where we should have our wedding. What do you recommend?" When we hear this, we ask a few questions to find out what they like so that we can suggest the perfect location – or several to consider.

There are so many irresistible Maui wedding locations and venue for you to choose from. Selecting the right site ensures that you capture the perfect Hawaiian Island ambiance for your Maui wedding. On this page, you'll find information about the many different types of Maui wedding locations available.

Maui Wedding Private Locations for Larger Weddings

Beach Locations

The most popular locations just happen to be for Maui beach weddings. It is no exaggeration that Maui has some of the most awesome beaches in the world. (There is a nominal beach access site fee from the state, and you have to register which beach you'll be using and when, but we will do this for you. Not all beaches are available for weddings now and so you absolutely do not want to get married without an access permit as the fines are excessive.)

Because we've performed weddings on so many different beaches over the years, we definitely have our favorites. Sites that just work well because they have better weather (less wind and rain), which are off the beaten track (meaning fewer tourists) and which are uniquely laid out so that we can get the best photography. Obviously, we don't put all of our secrets right here on this website. Call me and we'll discuss what's best for you.

Why Consider a Private Wedding Location?

If you don't prefer a Maui beach site, there are a number of other romantic paid sites available for your wedding. Let's list out the advantages of most of these wedding venues:

  • Better photography & videography: Your photography and videography will be superior at a private wedding site. All of the sites we've chosen to place on our website are specifically placed here because they provide excellent backdrops for both photography and videography.
  • Alcohol is usually permitted: At most private sites, alcohol is allowed. This is definitely not the case at public beaches.
  • There will be room for your guests: Larger groups just do better at private sites where they won't be in anyone's way (and of course, where it is more private). Large parties are prohibited from being on beaches. Also, the State of Hawaii won't allow chairs (only for physically challenged), arches or much else on a public beach. This can easily be avoided at a private Maui wedding venue.
  • A back-up plan: At a private wedding location, we can usually provide you with a back-up plan in case of bad weather. You simply have more options at a private site.
  • Peace of mind: You will know that your site is reserved and that no one else will be able to show up earlier and snatch it away. You will be able to reserve it in advance.

Maui Wedding Catering Options for Larger Weddings

Garden Locations

There are a number of nice garden sites on Maui. Several resorts also have nice grounds that can provide a garden-like site.

Tropical Gardens are among the favorite Maui Wedding Locations for many couples. With the palm trees and the incredible tropical vegetation on Maui, a number of great garden sites can enhance your photography and video. The garden sites are all reasonably priced and you will find few tourists around.

Waterfall Locations

Maui Waterfall Weddings are a little more difficult to find on the island because most of the natural waterfalls are a long distance away on the more secluded north and eastern sides of Maui. But, we do have a vendor that has a waterfall on his private property that we like to use.

Private Maui Home Locations

Private Maui Home Wedding can be found in a few homes that sit near the beach or on the hill which have fabulous views. As mentioned above, these locations are often perfect for your larger wedding parties. Sometimes they work best for an intimate location away from the crowds. You can often have alcohol served at your wedding or the reception afterwards in one of these locations.

Maui Chapel Locations

Maui Wedding Chapels and Churches. There is one resort wedding chapel, and many quaint Maui churches that are ideal for your wedding. The wedding chapel site offers the feel of a church for those who need a larger setting for their wedding or who wish to have a more religious or Christian touch added. Maui Churches available for wedding services offer a real-world ambiance all their own. They are often much more reasonably priced (and easier to work with than the resort wedding chapel mentioned above).

Maui Wedding Private Location — Hyatt

Maui Resort Locations

Maui Resort Weddings offer great sites where you can have your dream wedding (even if you are not staying there).

You don't have to depend upon the resort's advertising claims; we are able to give you an independent view of what each resort has to offer. Having worked with many of the different resorts, we know from personal experience which ones are good and which are not laid out well. I will help you obtain the best wedding site at the best price.

Because the package prices at most of the resorts are pretty pricey (if you book your entire wedding through them), many couples choose to have us coordinate their wedding at a resort site. (Although we list the resort wedding site fees on our website, our prices are always going to be dated. Call for the current price).


"Thank you so much for making our wedding such a beautiful event. It was truly the wedding of my dreams and the happiest day of my life! We are
having a customized photo collage made with the pictures and can hardly wait to display it in our home. We couldn't have asked for a better, more
professional pair. I'm recommending you to my friends."
-Carol and Kevin Durkin


"We wanted to thank you both for the beautiful wedding we had at the Maui Tropical Plantation. The ceremony was just what we hoped for, and our photos are wonderful. Thank you for the photo album, that was a nice surprise. The whole Maui experience will always be a fond memory."
-Ron and Diane Cislo


"Everyone had a wonderful time. I will recommend you to anyone who is thinking about getting married there. The pics turned out great!"
-Jay and Courtney Cordova