Maui Wedding Services

If you select us as your Maui wedding planners, we will want to take care of all your wedding details for you so that you can concentrate on each other. Obviously, you don't want to spend your time in Maui stressing over your wedding, so that's why we make an extra effort to organize the whole affair for you.

Below is an overview designed to acquaint you with many of the Maui wedding services that we have to offer. If you don't find what you want here, by all means, please ask me for what you want. We fulfill many unusual requests for our couples, so please ask.


We will set up your wedding license appointment for you. When you book your wedding, let us know where you'll be staying and we will book the appointment for you at a convenient location. It's a good idea to take care of this as soon as you get to the island so that you know that there will be no legal issues to keep you from getting married.

Visit our FAQs page to find answers about the license process so you'll know what to expect.


For most couples who are coming to paradise to get married, tropical flowers are an important part of the ambiance of their wedding ceremony in Hawaii. Even if you will only have two lei at your ceremony, you want to take a moment and see what we have available. But you can go way beyond a couple of lei.

There are so many flower possibilities. Different kinds of flowers, ankle lei, haku or head lei, bouquets, flower circles, guest flowers, and more.

Officiants / Ministers

We have a wide variety of Maui wedding officiants available to us. The favorite Hawaiian style wedding officiants is dressed in Hawaiian attire and starts off the wedding ceremony with the blowing of the conch shell as they say a Hawaiian wedding chant. Choose from Hawaiian Religious, with a prayer or Non-Religious, with out a prayer.

We also have traditional Denominational and Non-Denominational officiants performing Christian, Spiritual, or Contemporary ceremonies. If you prefer you can create your own custom designed ceremony. You can also Incorporated your own wedding vows to each other into the ceremony too for that added special teary eyed moment.


One of the most important services which we offer, which almost all wedding couples enjoy, is photography. Maui is such an incredible locale in which to get married that it would be a shame not to take a lot of beautiful Maui wedding photos.

One of the first couples we ever shot as a company were from Europe. The husband wrote back that in Germany, couples went into a studio and stood in from of a poster for their wedding photography. He was amazed how much our "natural background" matched the posters couples used in Europe.

Wedding Videos

Another service that we provide is that of creating wedding videos of our couples. This usually includes the ceremony, but it also includes one or more romantic wedding songs to which your images after the wedding are skillfully edited. Nothing captures the feel of a wedding in Hawaii more than a Maui wedding video.

Maui Limos

Many of our couples choose to add a limo to their wedding so that they can arrive in style. We know all of the limo companies and which ones will give you the best service. We ask you not to book this separately because it is very important that we are able to connect with the driver and be in contact in the event of last second changes in the location of your wedding beach or the timing of your arrival. And we can't do that if we don't know if you have chosen a limo service. It won't cost you any extra to have us book our excellent vendors for you.

Hair & Make-up

Many brides really enjoy being able to have their hair and make-up done by one of our Maui wedding professionals. Whether you want an up-do or a less formal hairstyle, our stylists are excellent at getting just the right hairstyle for our brides, depending upon your needs and the conditions you will encounter at the wedding.


Traditional Hawaiian music is one of many musician options that Maui Me offers.

Music adds a definite impact to every wedding. Whether you choose to have a guitarist sing a couples of songs or a harpist playing softly in the background music is a find addition to your wedding package. We even have live Hawaiian performers doing hula dances if you want to add that to your larger wedding party.

Doves Release

One thing that many couples love is to be able to release two doves (or a dozen in some cases) at the completion of their wedding as a symbolic act sealing their wedding vows. Just ask us when you book your wedding date.


Another really fun idea that many couples enjoy is the release of six or more Monarch butterflies. Of course, this is somewhat seasonal, but it is certainly a joy to our couples when they are available. We know how to get them to "hang around" for your photography.

Dinner on the Lawn

Finally, we offer a great treat for couples who want to have a fabulous meal overlooking the ocean. This is just for the couple and a few guests, but its something that you'll always remember. Having a gourmet chef fix your meal for you right on the spot while tiki torches light up your table is a sheer delight. Some couples will also have a musician serenading them while they eat. (See our Kula Package)

Wedding Cakes

We offer wedding cakes in most of our packages, and many couples love to add this little bit of traditional wedding flavor with cake cutting and service. If you are planning a larger wedding, we do offer a wide variety of cake sizes and designs. Cakes can be white, chocolate or marble and filled with your choice of:

  1. Vanilla Whip Cream Custard
  2. Vanilla Whip Cream Custard with a layer of Raspberry
  3. Vanilla Whip Cream Custard with a layer of Logsdon Lilikoi Passion fruit. (This is our signature flavor and hands down the most popular. It is light, refreshing and tropical. A bit tart like lemon, it is best with vanilla cake)
  4. Chocolate Mousse
  5. Chocolate Mousse with a layer of Raspberry
  6. Mocha Mousse
  7. Raspberry Mousse (a little bit sweeter than the others)
  8. Strawberry Mousse (with strawberry blended into the Vanilla mousse turning it pink)
  9. Chocolate Truffle (an extra chocolaty filling – good with white cake)

For information about services for weddings with 8 or more guests, visit our Wedding Planning page.