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If you are planning a Maui wedding that is formal, larger than 8 people, or at a unique location you are on the right page. Read on to learn about some of the array of choices available to you so that you can get just the right services from your Maui wedding planners.

Choosing a Wedding Planner

Selecting the right Maui wedding planners may seem to be a difficult choice, and the larger your wedding, the more important this is. A larger destination wedding can be a challenge even with a good coordinator but it can become a nightmare if you choose the wrong company. Click here for tips on making this important choice for your special day.

Larger Wedding Parties

You may think that you really have a small wedding — and by mainland standards that may be true. But when you have people coming from a number of different locations, the coordination can quickly become overwhelming. Maui Me Weddings is here to handle that and all the other details, so your wedding day is as stress-free as possible. Contact us to get expert advice on planning for a larger Maui wedding ceremony.

Wedding Packages

Many couples start by looking at our wedding packages; you may find that a package plus some ala carte choices is the perfect choice for you. Maui Me Weddings is here to help you get the best value, so we’re always happy to recommend the set of choices that gives you the most for your money! Find out the details of our Maui wedding packages here.


Many couples who have small Maui weddings don't have formal receptions. They head off to a restaurant to enjoy their first dinner as a married couple (and Maui Me Weddings can recommend restaurants!). But if you are bringing a larger group, and if you want a more traditional reception, you'll find that you will need to make a number of important choices that will decide whether or not you have a coordinated and enjoyable experience.

Let our experts advise you and answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Maui Wedding Catering Options for Larger Weddings Getting married in hawaii

Catering Services

Receptions can be held at a number of restaurants, but you can have your wedding reception at a private location where you can have your own chef, your own catering and perhaps even a DJ and/or entertainment. Finding the right caterer can be a challenge. There is a lot to think about in this subject and we have years of experience to help you. Contact us for detailed information. Visit our ala carte page to see some of the options.

Private Locations

Maui Wedding Private Locations HawaiI Wedding Venues

Most larger weddings inevitably end up at a private site. Maui Me Weddings has a wide variety of options for different types of Maui wedding locations. Visit our locations page to see a few of your options — then contact us for more information or to ask questions! Don’t wait; with a private location, booking early is important to insure that the venue is available for the date you want.

Entertainment & Musicians

If you are thinking of having your own reception and catering, you might also want to think about having some entertainment. We have a variety of musicians, hula dancers, DJs, fire dancers, and native Hawaiian entertainers to choose from. Contact us for more details!

All the Finishing Touches

Whenever you are planning a larger wedding, you'll want to consider the ala carte cost breakdown of your choices. We can give you a price for your entire wedding, but you will want to take a look at our ala carte menu to discover items that you really do want to have but didn’t think of. Keep in mind that we have more options than just those listed: larger weddings are often much more custom events and one list of prices simply will not cover every possibility. This is why you'll want to talk to us and ask what Maui Me can do for you.

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We are experts at planning the experience you want to have for your Maui wedding, whether it will be a simple ceremony on the beach or a more formal ceremony at a private location with a lavish reception.

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